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Appetizers for 2 to share £9.50     
Fresh bread, Garlic Mayonnaise, Butter, Slices of Serrano Ham & Free Range Black Boar, Mixed Olives, served with a Tomato and Manchego Salad

Queso De Manchego De Breaded £5.10
Breaded Manchego- Spanish sheep cheese served with mango chutney

Queso De Brie De Breaded £4.80
Breaded Brie - deep fried served with mango chutney                            

Croquetas De Cocido £5.80
Meat Croquetts - Traditional bites with cured ham, chorizo & chicken, served with Sweet Chilli Dip

Aceitunas Mixtas £2.90
(v) Mixed olives - in garlic, lemon & fresh herbs             

Bonquerones En Vinagre £3.60
Fresh anchovies -  in garlic & olive oil                                 

Almendras Fritas £4.60
(v) Almonds - Sautéed peeled almonds coated with paprika

Buñuelos de Bacalao de la Abuela £6.50
Salted Cod Croquettes -  served with aioli dip

Mini Empanadillas de Atún £4.80
Tuna Pastries- Mini pastries filled with Tuna, Onion, Pepper & Tomatoes

Guindillas PiFritos Rebozados £4.00
Chillies – Chillies from Navarra coated in Tempura. You may get a hot one.

Cortezas de Cerdo £3.00
Pork Crackers - Pork rind, light crunchy crackling served with mango chutney & sweet chilli dip

Espad?n Fritos £4.80
Whitebait - Deep Fried Whitebait served with aioli


Pan Fresco £2.80
Fresh bread served with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.         

Garlic Bread / With Cheese £2.80 / £3.30
Toasted bread with butter & garlic/melted cheese

Tomato Bread / With Cheese £3.10 / £3.60
Toasted garlic bread topped with tomato & spicy basil/melted cheese

Garlic Bread Selection £3.70
A selection of the 4 breads above

Aubergine Salsa Brie Bread £5.10
Toasted garlic bread topped with aubergine a spicy tomato salsa topped with melted brie.

Cold Meats

Jamon Serrano Sin Hueso Gran Reserva £5.70
15 Month Cured off the bone Serrano ham

Jamón Ibérico Reserva £5.90
Cured sliced Black Boar                                         

Plato De Embutidos £7.50
Cold Meat Platter - A mixture of cured Spanish hams and chorizo served with olives


Paella Valenciana £22.50
Traditional Paella cooked with Rice, Chorizo, and Chicken being the main ingredients along with Seafood & Marco’s finishing touches  

Arroz Redondo A.T D.O Valencia (High quality Paella rice used from the region of Valencia)

Paella Vegetariana (v) £13.75
A traditional rice dish cooked with seasonal vegetables rich creamy butter & Marco’s finishing touches

(Paella can take up to 40 minutes during busy periods) (Paella is not covered with any voucher or discount card)

Tapas Meat

Carne Terna Picante £7.50
Spicy Beef - Chunks of beef with celery & leeks in a rich spicy tomato sauce

Solomillo Filetades £7.95
Sliced Sirloin Steak - Sautéed with fresh mushrooms and tomatoes in a brandy, chilli and ginger sauce

Cordero Con Menta £7.95
Minted Lamb - Chunks of lamb shoulder cooked in a mint sauce with carrot, onion & spices

Carillera Artesana de Teruel £7.95
Free Range Black Pig Cheeks – Slowly stewed in garlic, . onion, then finished in a pan with sherry and stock

Filete de Cerdo Ibérico £8.20
Iberian Pork Fillet– Sliced fillet of pork slowly cooked then pan fried in a fresh Garlic & Paprika glaze

Albondigas £6.40
Our famous Meatballs - Made with spiced minced beef steak and pork in a tomato and basil sauce

Chorizo Al Vino £6.75
Chorizo in Wine – Sliced Spanish sausage pan-fried with peppers in red wine

Chistorra Artesana (La Rioja) £6.95
Unsmoked Chorizo - From the Basque country, seasoned with paprika then gently cooked with mushrooms

Chorizo Picante £7.10
Spicy Chorizo - Sliced Spanish sausage pan-fried with onion & sweet chilli

Pollo Al Ajillo £6.95
Chicken in oil & garlic – Chunks of chicken breast marinated in olive oil, garlic and turmeric then sautéed with even more garlic, served sizzling

Pollo Picante £7.10
Spicy Chicken - Chunks of chicken breast marinated in olive oil, garlic and turmeric cooked with peppers, onions, crushed chilli & mixed herbs

Pollo con Calabacines £7.50
Chicken & Courgettes - Chunks of Chicken breast marinated in olive oil, garlic and turmeric, sautéed with slices of fresh courgettes cooked in a brandy cream sauce topped with cheese and grilled                                                       

Tapas Fish & Seafood

Marco’s King Prawn Special £14.95
Mediterranean King Prawns cooked whole in rich creamy butter along with Garlic, Chilli & Fresh parsley

(King Prawn Special Not Covered with any Voucher or Discount Card)

Calamares Fritos £5.80
Squid – coated in harina de trigo (high quality wheat flour) with paprika                                            

Sardinas enteras £7.25
Whole or Fillet of sardines – Choice of whole or filleted sardines grilled with sea salt and olive oil

Mejillónes £6.35
Mussels – Green lip mussels cooked with Garlic butter finished with Breadcrumbs and chopped parsley

Croquetas De Pescado £6.00
Fishcakes – Deep fried fishcakes of White fish, potato, spring onion & herbs, served with garlic mayonnaise

Patas Enteras De Pulpo £8.95
Octopus - Whole large Octopus leg sliced with garlic, olive oil and paprika

Gambas £8.80
Prawns – Butterfly King Prawns sautéed with peppers and chilli, in a white wine & lime sauce

Gambas al Ajillo y Miel £8.95
Sizzling Prawns – Butterfly King Prawns sautéed in Garlic, Chilli & Honey served sizzling

Gambas Al Coco £8.95
Coconut Prawns – Butterfly King Prawns, cooked in ginger, chilli, and garlic in a creamy coconut sauce

Plato Mezclado de Pesca £9.25
Mixed Fish Special – Monkfish,  prawns, squid & mussels cooked in garlic, white wine, cream & paprika

Rape Salteado £8.50
Sautéed Slices of Monkfish Fillet - in a creamy white sauce cooked with chorizo

Lubina Filetes £9.25
Fillet of sea bass – pan fried with chorizo and olive oil

Tapas Vegetables & Sides

Revuelva los vegetables frtos en el filo £5.65
(v) Stir Fry Veg in Filo – Stir Fried Vegetables wrapped in filo pasty & served with plum sauce

Revuela los Vegetables fritos £4.70
Stir-Fried Vegetables – pan fried leeks, celery, peppers, mushrooms, courgettes, onions, spinach and Worchester sauce

Berenjena Con Queso £6.20
(v) Baked Aubergine – chopped aubergine sautéed with olive oil, spicy tomato salsa then topped with melted cheese

Champiñones Con Queso £5.60
(v) Mushrooms in cheese - Mushrooms sautéed with white wine, garlic and Rosemary, covered in a cream & cheese sauce & grilled until golden

Champiñones Al Ajillo £5.35
(v) Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms – Baby Button Mushrooms sautéed with creamy butter and garlic                                                                                         

Champiñones Rellenos £6.50
(v) Stuffed Mushrooms – Mushrooms stuffed with Feta Cheese and Honey topped with chopped Walnut

Tortilla de Patatas £5.50
(v) Spanish Omelette – Traditional Spanish Omelette made up with potatoes, onions & seasoning

Patatas Bravas £4.20
(v) Spicy Potatoes – Deep fried potato chunks topped with a spicy tomato salsa and a mayonnaise drizzle

Patatas Saffron £4.40
(v) Saffron Potatoes – Deep fried potato chunks topped with a creamy saffron sauce

Patatas con Jamon y Queso £4.70
Spanish Potatoes – Deep fried potato chunks sprinkled with Spanish ham & cheese then grilled

Esparragos al Pimiento Marinado £5.90
(v) Asparagus – Grilled Asparagus & red peppers in a balsamic & olive oil dressing

Mixed Salad £4.50

Tomato & Onion Salad £3.30

Tomato & Manchego Cheese Salad £3.80

Plain Rice £3.20

Saffron Rice £3.50

Set Meals for 2 – 4 People

Meal 1 (For 2 People) £40.40
Garlic Bread Selection
Salted Cod Croquetts
Spicy Beef
Chicken & Courgette
Breaded Mussels
Saffron Rice
Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms

Meal 2 (For 2 People) Vegan Friendly £41.60
(v) Garlic Bread
(v) Mixed Salad
(v) Almonds                                                                   
(v) Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms
(v)Grilled Asparagus
(v) Spicy Potatoes
(v)Vegetable Paella

Meal 3 (for 2 people) £45.95
Garlic Bread Selection
Cold Meat Platter
Minted Lamb
Iberian Pork Fillet
Monkfish & Chorizo
Grilled Asparagus
Spicy Potatoes

Meal 4 (For 4 People) £80.05
Garlic Bread Selection
Pan Fresco
Tuna & Pepper Pastries
Mixed Salad
Baked Aubergine
Spicy Chicken
Sizzling Prawns with Chilli & Honey
Spicy Beef
Minted Lamb
Unsmoked Chorizo
Mushrooms in Cheese
Saffron Rice
Spanish Potatoes

Please ask a member of staff for our Allergens Menu

See main menu for full description of dishes.

A chef’s selection can be arranged for parties of five people or more for just £20.00 per person.

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